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During our first 20 years in business we have quickly become the national leader in providing church fundraising solutions, offering a wide array of products to help any congregation, youth group, choir, children’s program or any faith based group to reach their funding needs. From dip mixes to cookie dough and bakery items, we have the popular and tasty products that are sure to catch the attention of potential customers.

While our time in business has been short, our list of customers satisfied with the way we run church fundraisers is long, for we strive to meet the needs of each and every client we take on. Not only do we offer an eclectic group of products and programs, but we also have an excellent sales and support staff in place to help you get the most out of your efforts. We have been in the church fundraising business long enough to help thousands of groups raise millions of dollars, and we have done it through hard work and listening to our customers. We have long tried to help our customers avoid and/or overcome the pitfalls they may face in trying to realize their funds goals, and as a result we have a long track record of satisfied clients.

Whether you are a youth group trying to raise money for a missionary trip or a Bible study group generating funds for a retreat, Mega Dough Fundraising has the church fundraising program in place to help you achieve these goals. We are committed to the success of every church fundraising project we take on, and we have long list of customers who are nothing but happy that they partnered with us to help on all of their church fundraisers. Please contact us today and let us help you begin immediately achieving your goals.




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